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Local and international from amongst others the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Spain, and Japan.


Selected Major Local Companies
• ACE International
• Appleby Hunter Bailhache
• Bacardi International
• Bank of Bermuda 
• Becks Beer
• Bermuda College
• Bermuda Fire Service 
• Bermuda Police
Bermuda Regiment
Bermuda Sloop Foundation
Butterfield Bank
• Cable & Wireless
• Commission for Unity and Racial Equality ( CURE )
• Government House
• Human Rights Commission
• Market Place
• Max Re Ltd.
• Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs
• Ministry of Education, Sport & Recreation
• Ministry of the Environment,Telecommunication & E-Commerce
• Ministry of Tourism & Transport
• Ministry of Works and Engineering
• Ministry of Labour & Immigration
• Ministry of Health & Family Services
• Ministry of Finance
• Ministry of Housing & Public Safety
• National Training Board  
• Partner Re 
• Renaissance Re
• The Maritime Museum 
• United Bermuda Party
• XL International Reinsurance


Selected Major International Companies
• ABC Nightline / Good Morning America
• A&E
• ADM Productions
• American Association of Attorneys
• American Cinemateque
• American Express 
• BBC London / USA / Panorama
• NBC Bob Hope Christmas Special 
• CIBA GEIGY England
• Clarica (Media Productions)
• Clarica Insurance 
• CNBC Europe - World Television Report
• Edelman Productions
• Gypsum International
• Jobson Sailing
• Le Groupe Sagittaire
• Liberty Mutual
• London International TV
• Marriott International
• McGraw Hill
• MIC - London: Allied World Assurance Co. Ltd.
• MIC - London: Oil Management Services Ltd.
• MIC - London: Millennium Shoot Bermuda
• Musikschau der Nationen, Germany
• NBC News Washington / News New York
• New England Aquarium 
• Olympus Group 
• PGA Tour Productions 
• Rouge Magazine
• SAT 1 Berlin
• Space City Travel 
• STA Tall Ships 2000
• The Young & The Restless 
• The Weather Channel
• Thomas Hannah & Associates Europe SA 
• Victoria’s Secret
• Verizon Information Services  
• VOX - Travel Channel Germany

Quotes from Clients

“Thank you for your professionalism and sensitivity. It was truly a pleasure.”
• Rick Levine, Director

“... an excellent job in producing video for many of our incentive programs here in Bermuda. It is always a pleasure working with you and your staff.” 
• Safari Worldwide Destination Management Services

“The video film your company provided for “The Underwood Neuhaus Sales Rally” was wonderful and imaginative. Video truly is the perfect way to relive the fun and excitement that an incentive trip provides."
• Space City Travel

“Thanks for all your help on the Israeli arms story. It was top-notch professional work and we appreciate it.”
• NBC News

“Thank you for the professional assistance Panatel VDS provided for this successful group operator.”
• Olympus Group

“I was very impressed with the ‘state-of-the-art equipment’ you have at your disposal. The television ads Panatel did for the recent General Election are excellent.”
• Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs

“I saw your show on Hope Homes. I thought the production, particularly the quality of the editing, well above the standard that you would expect to see on the small island of Bermuda. I am very pleased that we have the capability locally to produce a programme of this quality.” 
• Marketing Manager, Bank of Bermuda

“I must tell you how impressed both I and my Senior Officers were at your recent presentation to us. We can now better appreciate the potential of your organization.”
• Bermuda Fire Service

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on this important project. Your professionalism was always obvious - and has made the entire project a wonderful experience.” 
• Campaign Manager, The Maritime Museum

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